Benefits of the new in VEFA
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Buying a new home

Buying new real estate has many advantages. By buying a new home, you realize savings that you would not realize by buying in the old one (Reduced notary fees, No work required, Better energy performance….


We are talking about a purchase in VEFA when the housing is to be built. The future purchaser buys the property off-plan and becomes its owner as it is built. Payment is therefore made according to the progress of the work, hence the name Vente en Etat Futur d’Achèvement (VEFA). This type of purchase is governed by the Civil Code and the purchaser is very protected thanks to the guarantees in place.

Optimized spaces for a better quality of life

By offering you new accommodation, you will be guaranteed a certain level of comfort. New homes are designed to meet all of your needs. Practical, bright, well organized, they adapt to your lifestyle and we adapt to yours, leaving you the choice of finishes.

This greater comfort is also felt in the common areas.

Latest generation technical and environmental standards

New real estate is subject to the latest technical and environmental standards (Air renewal, Fire safety, Earthquake resistance, Accessibility for people with reduced mobility, Access control, etc.).

Thanks to insulating materials and a thoughtful design, new real estate offers high energy performance.

Limited maintenance costs

While an old home can sometimes hold unpleasant surprises and require unforeseen work, in a new home, everything is NEW!

Maintenance and any work are therefore rare; no bad surprises.

Reduced notary fees

A significant financial advantage

A significant financial advantage

When buying a new property, transfer taxes (the famous “notary fees”) are generally half as high. They correspond to around 2.5% of the price of housing while in the old they amount to 7 or 8%.

This benefit will allow you to make significant savings.

Exemption from Property Tax

In many municipalities, you can benefit from the exemption from the Property Tax during the 2 years following the completion of the construction if you occupy your new accommodation as a main or secondary residence.

Reduced VAT

If your accommodation is in the ANRU zone and under certain conditions, you are entitled to benefit from a reduced VAT of 5.5% or 7% instead of the 20% traditionally practiced.

The royal road to funding (Only for French Tax resident)

You are a first-time buyer or you have not been an owner for at least 2 years, GOOD NEWS! Financial assistance can facilitate your property purchase :

• PTZ (Zero Rate Loan)

• PSLA (Social Rental Accession Loan)

These devices can compensate for a lack of personal input.

Manufacturers’ guarantees

Strong legal protection

By buying a new home, you benefit from an arsenal of guarantees that will cover you for several years, a real advantage compared to the old one :

  • The guarantee of perfect completion

It lasts for one (1) year from the date of receipt of work on the accommodation. It covers all disorders and poor workmanship which were noted on the works acceptance report or which appeared during the year following the date of these minutes.

  • The biennial guarantee

It lasts two (2) years from the date of receipt of work on the accommodation. It covers any malfunction of equipment “separable from construction”, that is to say the elements that can be removed without damaging the building (Radiators, Faucets, Shutters, Doors, Kitchen elements, …).

  • The ten-year guarantee

It lasts ten (10) years from the date of receipt of work on the accommodation. It covers all damage and defects compromising the solidity of the structure (Leakage, Significant cracks, …) as well as inseparable elements of the construction (Pipes, Lighting …).

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